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It is with profound sadness that we say goodbye to our beloved Jake.
Born 2/13/02 (?) Died 1/27/15
RIP My Jake-Jake.
Jake was a Mixed breed.
He was adopted from a local shelter at age 5 months old.
They told me he was a Bullmastiff mix.

I saw him at the shelter, he looked up at me and said "Woo, Woooooooo".
I left that day, but I could not get his face out of my mind.

I was at the shelter as soon as they opened the next day and brought him home!

Jake was UKC registered and was Obedience trained.

Jake obtained his UKC CA Lure Coursing title in just three runs at the age of ten years.

He was an amazing dog who watched out for his pack!

Jake On the Course
Photos by

Sympa Shelties

Marcha Garn
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