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Thank you for visiting SnowSpirits' (SS) website and your interest in Tibetan Mastiffs (TMs)!

After you have decided what breed of dog you will share your life with, the next most important decision you will make will be choosing the breeder of your dog.

Before you make this decision I would encourage you to visit other Tibetan Mastiff breeders' websites and the websites of breeders of well established breeds and their AKC national clubs websites.

Whether you choose a Tibetan Mastiff puppy or another breed, this will give you information on various practices and ethics and assist you in making a decision about the breeder that is right for you.

I have included information about my practices, ethics, etc. on this website. If you have questions or you just want to talk, please contact me by phone or email.

I am always happy to talk about dogs, especially Tibetan Mastiffs &
Tibetan Mastiff puppies!

Marcha Garn
(269) 317-2382

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