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I will be transparent in all respects of my business dealings and to make important information about SS dogs and puppies readily available and accessible to those desiring this information.


I will strive to collaborate with other Tibetan Mastiff breeders for the betterment, improvement and protection of the breed.

Be a Continuous Learner
A Resource for Others

I love to learn so it will be easy for me to continue to learn and keep abreast of changes in regard to health, training and general concerns regarding dogs and in particular, Tibetan Mastiffs.
If I do not have an answer to a question, I will find the answer as quickly as possible and get back with you.

Assume and trust in the goodness of the intentions of others


SnowSpirits agrees with and adheres to the following.......

The American Tibetan Mastiff Association's Breeder Ethics

Tibetan Mastiff Info Breeders Code of Ethics

The Battle Creek Kennel Club's Code of Ethics (available on request)

The AKC Code of Sportsmanship

Marcha Garn

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