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My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation
to the following people who have offered their
support, help, answered my questions, told me the truth and generally encouraged me.

Thank you!

Charlotte Pierce

Marc and Mary Pierce

Shannon and Kylie

My friends with the
Battle Creek Kennel Club

Linda Wright
Wright's Tibetan Mastiffs

Christine VanVleet
DreamKeeper Bullmastiffs

Nan Campbell

Todd Greenwald

Richard Gardiner
Heronsview Tibetan Mastiffs

Andy Brigss
Sobarno Tibetan Mastiffs

Kristina Sherling
Sierras Tibetan Mastiffs

Judy Steffel

Sabrina Novarra
Shang-Hai Tibetan Mastiffs

David Osborne
Endless Mountain Tibetan Mastiffs

Charlie Radcliffe
Timberline Tibetan Mastiffs

Marcha Garn
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