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Placement of SS dogs will be done with great care. I feel it is my responsibility to place SS puppies in homes that are loving, safe and able to provide for their needs. I also believe that making a guardian breed part of your family is a great responsibility that is not advisable to be taken lightly or without careful consideration. I ask that potential SS puppy "parents" demonstrate they have researched the breed and complete the

TM Lifestyle Compatibilty Survey

This survey not only assists me in getting to know prospective "parents" but helps them to evaluate their readiness to accept the responsibility that accompanies sharing their lives with a loyal and loving guardian that will likely be a part of their family for the next 12 to 14 years.

New owners will be provided with health and Vet care records, recommendations for care, training and socialization, health certifications for sire and dam and a three generation pedigree. Puppies will have their initial vaccinations and be microchipped prior to leaving SnowSpirits for their new home.

SnowSpirits' Commitment

I am committed not only to the individual dogs in my care, but to the well being of any SS dog and the breed as a whole. In keeping with this commitment anyone who makes a SS dog a part of their family can count on lifetime support from me in all areas of caring for their SS puppy. I will make myself readily available for any questions. I will also make every effort to ensure SS dogs go to a home that plans on making their SS dog a lifetime family member, however life does happen and should the need arise to re-home a dog, I will bring any SS dog "home" or assist with re-homing. In return, SnowSpirits asks for regular updates and communication regarding your SS family member. I do require a binding agreement that states a SS dog will not be re-homed without consulting SnowSpirits. At no time should it be necessary for a SS dog to go to a shelter.

Purchase Contract

SnowSpirits provides a contract for purchase. This contract is in line with my committment to Tibetan Mastiffs and individual dogs, while keeping the purchasers rights and needs in mind. My contract DOES NOT require you breed your dog or have the dog available for me to use to breed. These types contracts are bad for dogs, buyers and usually bad for the breed. If you are purchasing a promising puppy and are hoping to breed/show, I do stipulate the types of health testing that must be completed for sire and dam. I DO NOT stipulate that I must approve who you breed your dog to. If you think you would like to buy a puppy from me, you will receive a copy of the contract and we will make any neccessary adjustments BEFORE you make a deposit.


Basic training is accomplished through positive reinforcement. Leadership and boundaries are established through gentle and firm guidance. Exercise, benevolent leadership and affection play key roles in their physical and emotional well-being. My dogs live with me as my family.

All puppies born at SnowSpirits receive the same positive reinforcement, leadership and affection. They are raised in my home and have contact with every day noises and events. Socialization starts from the moment of their birth. I spend much time in the whelping box with them when they are nursing, resting and playing. Great care is taken to ensure that the puppies contact with people is gentle and without threat, so as to promote their trust in people.

I have become familiar with techniques that promote puppy development. These techniques utilize exercises and experiences that promote their development and help them become socialized and well adjusted dogs.

Before puppies leave SnowSpirits for their new homes they will have experienced all aspects of grooming.

SnowSpirits is located in Battle Creek, Michigan in a mainly urban area. I have a large fenced yard (a MUST for TMs) where the dogs are able to run at full speed and play. They are familiar with close neighbors and traffic noise. As a part of their early socialization, SnowSpirits puppies will have exposure to and be familiar the same noises.


SS dogs are fed a raw diet. I will offer encouragement and support to SS anyone who would like to adopt a feeding plan that follows, as closely as possible, a balanced diet that is appropriate for carnivores.


Our dogs engage in both physical and mental exercise.

The adult SS dogs take a minimum of a daily 30-minute walk around the neighborhood and spend time in their yard where they are free to run and play with each other.

All of the dogs have attendended obedience classes and we practice those behaviors frequently. Our dogs that are actively showing in conformation attend handling classes on a regular basis. We have recently started "nose work" exercises and some of our dogs will be trying lure coursing. The dogs travel with me on errands and visit pet friendly stores, which helps keep their mind active with different sights and smells.


SnowSpirits' dogs are dual registered with the United Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club.
Both clubs are the oldest in the USA (UKC 1898; AKC 1884) and are highly reliable pedigree registries.
All Snowspirits litters will be dual registered

SS companion puppies are sold under limited registration and with a written contract that includes health guarantees. Promising show/breeding puppies are sold with full registration and a written contract that includes health guarantees. In keeping with SnowSpirits committment to the future health of the breed, the SS Promising Puppy contract includes breeding stipulations that address health and temperament requirements.

Marcha Garn

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