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We take reservations for puppies any time after we announce our breeding plans. You will be placed on a list. Your order on the list is important. The sooner you make a reservation the more likely you are to get a puppy from the litter.

Please be advised that SnowSpirits will assist you in choosing your puppy. We place companion puppies with companion homes and potential show/breeding quality puppies with show/breeding homes. In addition, we make every effort to match the puppy to the appropriate home according to the puppy's disposition. This is done to maximize your and your puppy's satisfaction with the placement.

Puppy Deposits

Deposits are accepted when puppies are confirmed by ultra sound.

*Initial deposit is 50% of the full purchase price. To hold your place on the reservation list, the payment of this deposit is required before the birth of the litter.

*The next deposit of 25% is due when the puppies are 4 weeks old.

*The remaining is due at delivery if you are picking your puppy up.

SnowSpirits' preference is that you pick your puppy up at Snowspirits. In cases that this is impossible, we will ship your puppy (buyer pays shipping costs). If you are having the puppy shipped to you, all monies, including shipping costs, will be due prior to shipping.


Prior to the birth of the litter, the deposit is refundable, less $200.00.

Deposits are fully refundable after the birth of the litter if:

*There is not a puppy of desired sex.

*There is not a puppy of desired color.

*There is not a puppy available whose disposition is appropriate for the prospective home as evaluated by SnowSpirits.

*Circumstances/conditions arise for either SnowSpirits or the Buyer that purchase of a puppy is not in the best interest of the puppy, the Buyer or SnowSpirits and the information was not known at the time of the deposit.

It is SnowSpirits' wish for every Buyer to have the puppy they desire, however there is some expense to raising a litter and time in screening applicants.

With this in mind, if a Buyer changes their mind after the birth of the litter a partial refund will be issued as follows:

*Before the puppies are four weeks old, 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

*If the puppies are between four and six weeks of age, 25% of the deposit will be refunded.

*After the puppies reach six weeks of age any refund is at the discretion of SnowSpirits.

Marcha Garn
(269) 317-2382

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