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Thank you for your interest in Tibetan Mastiffs!

The purpose of the Tibetan Mastiff Compatibility Survey is for you to be able to self-evaluate your readiness for a TM puppy.

If you decide you would like a puppy from me, it is also a tool I use to help me to get to know you and to ensure I am placing my puppies in a home that is likely to be a permanent, safe and happy home for them.

I am happy to send you a survey whether or not you want a puppy from me. I am always happy to share information and tools with others.

Please call or email me to request a survey.

The survey is easy to complete from an email.
Or I can "snail" mail you a hard copy.
Sorry, you'll need to copy and paste my email address as I don't have a direct link to email from this page yet.

Marcha Garn
(269) 317-2382

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