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A Tibetan legend helped inspire the SnowSpirits name. The legend tells of an ancient time when a mountain torrent covered the land with snow and ice. A terrible plague was rampant. The Tibetan people were suffering. A god was sent from the Heavens astride a magnificent Tibetan Mastiff. They melted the snow and ice, saving the Tibetan people.

Part of my youth was spent living on a 99 acre farm with a variety of animals. I had the opportunity to be involved with many aspects of farm life, including the breeding and training of horses. We also bred hamsters on a large scale for sale as pets. This taught me some basic genetics (those little guys give you some pretty immediate feedback!) and record keeping of the results of our pairings. My family kept companion animals and always at least one dog, but more often two or three. I was involved with 4H Horse Club. When I left home I continued to keep dogs and cats, most of them "rescues". I avidly watched any television program having to do with animals (both wild and domestic), including conformation and obedience dog shows. I dreamed of participating. The opportunity to fulfill that dream came to me when Kitsi became a part of my life in the spring of 2009. I fell in love with her and this loyal, intelligent and perceptive breed.

I started thinking about breeding Tibetan Mastiffs when Kitsi decided I was
"her human".

I once read that you not only own a Tibetan Mastiff, they own you! My TMs have shown me how true that statement is. We share a bond of mutual love, trust and respect. Both of them are a delight to have in my life!

My decision to breed Tibetan Mastiffs is rooted in the love of the breed and a desire to contribute to the future of the breed in a manner that is of a positive benefit for the health and preservation of the breed.

My desire and passion led me to research and consider what my decision truly meant to me and to the breed. I researched breeding (basic genetics, movement and structure) by reading books and other literature, talking to other breeders and incorporating that information into my own knowledge and experience. I joined our local AKC recognized all breed kennel club.

Battle Creek Kennel Club

I met many experienced and successful breeders who were willing to answer my questions and share their experiences. They continue to be a reliable source of counsel and information. I have signed an ethics statement which I take to heart and will take me to task. Through these readings, discussions and my own observations, I developed a philosophy I hope will be a positive influence for the Tibetan Mastiff breed.

My ethics and guiding principles will serve to keep me on task as I continue to carefully consider the steps I am taking in SnowSpirits' breeding program and what steps I may take in the future.

I have sought out further education and have attended Dr. Claudia Orlandi's seminar

"The ABC's of Dog Breeding & Practical Canine Anatomy and Movement".

I completed the workbook and received an AKC Breeder Education Certificate.

Pat Hastings' Workshop

"Structure in Action"

In June 2015 I attended

United Kennel Club Judges Seminar.

Marcha Garn
(269) 317-2382

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